Our Story

Health & Beauty 

Amor Omnia was found by Rebecca Merencia in 2018. As a mom (of 7) I try to be the best example for my kids and take the best care of them as I can. In this journey I became more aware of the ingredients in health & beauty products. I learned there is a lot of chemicals in a lot of products like skincare, nail polish, make-up and supplements, you really don't want for your kids or anyone else.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with an auto-immuun disease called 'Sarcoidosis' which causes me to be constantly tired, have random inflammations on any part of my body, but the hardest thing it gave me was asthma. That's why I started Amor Omnia, so I can share all the amazing products with others to help them live a healthier lifestyle and to make it easier to find the right products.

Our suppliers all have the same vision as I do, which is very important to me. That's why I ask my suppliers for every detail on products and I try them myself before I sell them to my customers.


We are committed to choose the best, as organic as possible, products for you,. And we are not only here for the outside but more importantly we are here for the inside because that's where it all starts! We have the best natural supplements available, we no they're not cheap and I like to explain why. The supplements we choose are filled by hand and don't have any fillers added to fill up the jar/capsules/bags. They also have organic capsules. This makes sure your body absorbs all the ingredients it needs and is not blocked by those fillers which makes the product useless.

truly believe that there is no limit to investing in your health. 


Love yourself, love your body and take good care of it!